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Ambuja Cements – Full Company Information


Ambuja Cements – Full Company Information

The cement Industries is one of the core industries of the nation.  Because cement is a fundamental requirements of all constructions activities. In terms of installed capacity the cement industry has grown at a very past pace in recent years. Today cements are critical for meeting society’s needs of housing and basic infrastructure such as bridges, roads, water treatment facilities, schools and hospitals. It is mainly needed on the consumption of household sector, commercial construction and industrial infrastructure.

Ambuja Cements Limited ( ACL ) is one of the leading cement manufacturing company in India which was established in 1983. The company was initially called Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. The company started its production in 1986. The global cements major Holcim acquired management control of  ACL in 2006. Holcim today holds 61.62% of share in ACL. They engaged in the manufacturing of cements and construction materials.

ACL today has the capacity of 29.65 millions tonnes per annum. The efficiency and capacity is enhanced by the work of  dedicated architects and engineers. They holding 5 integrated plans and 8 cement grinding units across India. The headquarters of ACL is located in  Mumbai, Maharashtra with 21 locations spread across 11 states in India.

Ambuja Cements Ltd’s service includes 3 customer segments such as individual home builders, mason and contractors and architects and engineers. They  meets their customer satisfaction through understanding the needs, designing the solution and then helping them to fulfill it. They always focused on building a brand rather than selling a commodity.

Today the cement industry plays a big deal in Indian economy. Ambuja Cements Ltd reported a growth in the production at 1.91 million tonne in April 2017 compared to the last year the output was 1.81 million tonne. The market capital of Ambuja Cements Ltd is Rs. 54,684.80 crores. Their profit after tax increases to 20.13% from Rs. 807.56 crore to Rs. 970.09 crores compared to the previous year. The total sale turn over during 2016 was Rs. 10,538.15 crores.

India’s leading cement manufactures Ambuja Cements Ltd and ACC is going to merge. ACL already owns 50.05% of stake in ACC. ACL has the production capacity of  29.65 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) and ACC has 33.41 MTPA. Both leading to a combined capacity of 63.06 MTPA. Both companies are owned by Global cements major Holcim.


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