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Audi A1 Not Launching in India


Audi A1 Not Launching in India

Audi decides that they are not interested in launching it’s premium small car A1 in India. It is the second largest luxury car in India after BMW. They are in intended to be the No1 in 2015.Though their sales has cracked out this year. Audi’s sales has defeated upto the estimation. In the beginning of the year it has sold out around 8000 cars by keeping a month redundant.

Audi A1 Car

The postponing decision of A1 in India will affect entire sales next year. BMW India and Mercedes Benz India are having their compact premium hatchbacks, 1 Series and A Class respectively next year. Audi and BMW car sales figures will surely create a difference in the interval of  Jan – Oct 2012 is just 122 units.


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