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BAG Films & Media – Full Company and Business Information


BAG Films & Media Limited – Full Company and Business Information

BAG Network is an important area for artists, filmmakers, journalists who formed the foundation of its creative structure. BAG Films & Media  Ltd operates the media and entertainment which includes business of motion pictures, video and television programs production activities, and leasing of production and broadcast equipment’s and/are other assets. The main objectives of this is transparency, professionalism and accountability. The company manages Audio- Visual  production, Movies,Leasing, F M Radio and Television broadcasting.

It also manages News 24 a national Hindi free to air news, E24 a bollywood entertainment channel, Dhamaal24. The company provides voice contents including news, cricket and sports, jokes, astro forcasts, celebrity interviews, bollywood reviews and music album reviews.  BAG Films & Media  Ltd is established in 22 January, 1993 which is headquarted in Noida. Anuradha Prasad is the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of BAG Films & Media Ltd.

Business Area

BAG Films & Media Ltd’s business areas includes Television Software & Film Production, Animation, FM Radio, New Media, Outlook, etc.

  • Television Software & Film Production

It gives new opportunities in Electronic & Multimedia industry to raise the Television software development to a higher level in order to foaster creativity. The company has a library of 50,000 television software including in the area of news, current affairs, chat shows, entertainment, audience based shows, film based shows, infotainment, etc. They also engaged in film production.

  • Animation

Animation is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts and preparation  of photographic sequence which are integrated in multimedia and gaming products. BAG Films & Media Ltd forms a joint venture with a Korean based animated company SIEUNDESIGN Co.

  • FM Radio

The company have FM Radio stations in Hissar, Patiala, Muzaffarpur, Ranchi, Karnal, Jabalpur, Jalgaon and Shimla. It also have a Dhamaal24 Radio network which is also called B.A.G Infotainment Limited.

  •  New Media

In the faster growing advanced world there is a huge developments in the media sector. There is fast development in mobile phones, personal computer, laptop and the internet. The company focuses in areas like animation, internet advertising and gaming.


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