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BBC News –  BBC’s 24-hour Rolling News Television Network in United Kingdom


BBC News

BBC News

Here is everything about he world famous BBC News. This is BBC’s 24-hour Rolling News Television Network in United Kingdom.

BBC originally known as British Broadcasting Company was formed on 18 October 1922 by a group of leading wireless manufacturers including Marconi. Daily broadcasting by the BBC began in Marconi’s London studio, 2LO, in the Strand, on November 14, 1922. The BBC was the first broadcaster in the world to provide a regular ‘high definition’ television service.

This is also known as the BBC News Channel is the BBC’s 24-hour rolling news television network in the United Kingdom. The channel launched as BBC News 24 on 9 November 1997 at 17:30. BBC News 24 was originally available to digital terrestrial, satellite and cable television subscribers. In 1998, with the advent of digital television in the United Kingdom, allowing satellite and digital terrestrial television viewers to also view the service.

BBC Red Button is a branding used for digital interactive television services provided by the BBC, and broadcast in the United Kingdom in 2008. The services replaced Ceefax, the BBC’s analogue teletext service. It took its name directly from the red button viewers used to select the service on their TV remote controls.

Video on demand, the ability to answer quiz questions, and background program information are just some of the features now on offer. For a time, looped news, sport and weather bulletins were available to view via BBC Red Button.

BBC Connected Red Button is a new service from the BBC that seamlessly brings TV, radio and online together on the living room TV. It was established in December 2012. On 16 July 2013, the BBC announced that a high-definition (HD) simulcast of BBC News would be launched by early 2014. The channel broadcasts on the BBC’s new HD multiplex on Freeview. It was launched on 10 December 2013, though roll-out nationwide on June 2014.

The channel programs include news, breaking news, overnight and BBC world news simulcasts, BBC one and BBC two daytime simulcasts, exclusive programs, Pre-recorded programs, sports and business. As a major part of the BBC News department, the channel is based at and broadcast from Broadcasting House in Central London.

On 22 February 2006, the channel was named News Channel of the Year at the Royal Television Society Television Journalism Awards for the first time in its history.  In April 2008, the channel was renamed BBC News as part of a £550,000 (British Pound) re-branding of the BBC’s news output, complete with a new studio and presentation.

Its sister service, BBC World was also renamed BBC World News while the national news bulletins became BBC News at One, BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten. The channel was named RTS News Channel of the Year in 2017.


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