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Please contact us if your query belongs to the following categories.

1. Advertisement Proposal (Advertisement through newsdayin.com website)

2. Business Partnership

3. Copyright and other legal matters

4. To know more about our Policy and Procedures

5. Error reporting and Post content Update

Please send us email your queries with the Subject of any one of the above shown content. You can mail to: wlivenews@gmail.com

Kindly do not send any advertisements/SEO proposals/Questions related to articles/Other matters(not mentioned above) to this mail. You have the option to write comments for each article posted in this website.

PLease note that newsdayin.com is a part of Information Technology Research & Pro Labs (ITRPL)
Kerala State, India.
Phone: 0490-23##### ( we will reply you phone number through wlivenews@gmail.com if it is necessary.
Contact us on twitter : https://twitter.com/wlivenews
Contact us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wlivenews/

Last updated on : 16/05/2017