DigiLocker-Sign up process, Documents Uploading and sharing


Hope you may heard about the word “DigiLocker” from somewhere recently. DigiLocker is a Dedicated personal storage space whichis linked to each resident’s Aadhaar number.This facility can be used to securely store e-documents. It is also used to store Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) link of e-documents issued by various issuer departments.

Benefit of Using DigiLocker 

Using the DigiLocker option will help you to minimize the use of physical documents. This is a government approved system and assures authenticity of the e-documents. The system provide secure access to Govt. issued documents for all future needs. This aid in reduction of administrative overhead of Govt. departments and agencies and allows for the residents to receive services easily. 

How to Sign up/Sign in for DigiLocker 

DigiLocker system offers e-Sign facility as part of  it and this can be used to digitally sign e-documents. If you want to Sign-up for the DigiLocker you need Aadhaar and a mobile number which is registered with Aadhaar. Here you can understand how to make use of DigiLocker system via internet and how to sign in/sign up and login for future options.


  • Through internet access enter the website digitallocker. gov.in and here you will see options like “Login”, “Sign up” and OTP. Choose the sign Up/sign in and click on it. Type your Aadhaar number and enter the captcha code offered. Click the signup button. 
  • An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile number and email-id. You can collect that and Enter OTP on the space provided. Then click on “Validate OTP” button to complete the sign up and login process. 

NB: A6 OTP service is being operated by UIDAI. For some networks it may take few seconds more. Kindly wait for OTP Please note that, the OTP is valid only for duration of 30 minutes. Post the expiry, the OTP is rendered invalid and if you enter an invalid OTP, you would be prompted to request for a new OTP.

Key Features of Digital Locker

Through This national Digital Locker System launched by Govt. of India each resident is linked to their Aadhaar number. Each user will get 10MB of free space in the locker to securely store resident documents. Users can also store links (URI) of Govt. department or agency issued e-documents.

The capacity can be increased to 1GB in subsequent release. This allows eSign online service to digitally sign the documents, Sharing of e-documents online, Download eAadhaar etc. For issuers, Facility to upload e-documents in a standard XML format is available. Requesters can Secure access to documents in repository or in digital locker. 

Sections of Resident’s Digital locker

1. My Certificates

  • Digital Documents issued to the resident by the Govt. department or other agencies. This contain information like URI, Document Name, Issued Date, Share option etc. 
  • Uploaded Documents have Document Name, Uploaded Date, Status, Action, Details, Share, DigiSign option etc. 

2. My Profile

3.My Issuer

4. My Requester

5. Directories

How to upload a document in DigiLocker ?

  • Select a document type (SSC Certificate, HSC Certificate, PAN card, Voter ID card, etc.) from a drop down list and Provide a name for the document.
  • Fill in the other details relevant to the document, Based on the document type selected
  • Choose the file from your computer and each file should not be more than 1MB in size and only pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif file types are allowed
  • Provide Description of the document and Click ‘Upload’ button

How to share the e-documents in digital locker ?

  • click on ‘Share’ link provided against the document you would like to share. Enter the email address of the recipient in the dialog box and click ‘Share’ button.
  • The recipient will receive an email from ‘no-reply@digitallocker.gov.in’. recipient can access the document using the URI link provided in the email.

NB: URI is a Uniform Resource Indicator generated by the issuer department, which is mandatory for every e-document of the digital locker system. 

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