Fire in Cars: Causes and Prevention Methods

Cars catching fire is very dangerous situation and this is not rare in India. Here you can read about Fire in Car – Causes and Prevention Methods. Porsche 911 GT3 and Tata Nano had this issue and they recalled the product and fixed the glitch. Most of the  cases of Fire in Cars occurs as a result of technical faults. 

In Most of the cases, Fire in Cars not caused by faulty components supplied by the car manufacturer.  Your own carelessness cause the damage many times and are easily avoidable. There are many causes for cars catching fire and understand that and what you can do to avoid it. 

fire in cars prevention and control

Reasons for Fire in Cars

  • Retro fitment and repair of components from unauthorized service workshops is the biggest hazard to a car’s health and causes fire in car easily. 
  • Avoid buying after-market accessories like stereos, security systems, head-lamps, and reverse parking sensors. 
  • There are chances while working on the fitment, the worker may snap a wire which cant be detected till it results in short circuits. 
  • Most of them choose the workshops without skilled labours after the free service period that the car manufacturer’s offer. An exposed wire or an unfastened bolt may lead to catastrophic consequences.
  • Factory fitted CNG/LPG kits not provided by all car manufactures. Here, people tend to buy it from unauthorized dealers and cause risk of fire. Fire in Cars occurs from gas leaks as almost all of the fluids in the car are flammable.

What Happens Inside the Car During Fire and How to Escape ?

Incidents of Fire in Cars is most threatening like  a horror film. Electrical units of the car will jam and things related this electrical unit will fail. The list of things which may fail during a fire includes:- everything from power windows, seat belts to even the central locking system. So, you cant get out of the car properly. 

In most of the cases, Fire in Cars is not sudden incident, this cannot be detected early and passengers are highly susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is very dangerous and may lead to death. Avoid Usage of water when there is fire, as electrical equipment in the car when contact with water could cause electrocution. 

To save yourself from the Fire in Cars, you can use devices like hammer/spanner, scissor, fire extinguisher etc. Always keep any one of the item or many inside your car in an easily accessible place. You can try with breaking the windows or cutting  seat belts. Keeping  a small fire extinguisher inside the car also helps. 

How to Prevent Fire in Cars

  • You should have a proper habit of servicing the car on a regular basis to a certified workshop with skilled workers. To improve the health of car and to avoid fire, Change the air and oil filters, engine coolant, and engine oil.
  • Avoid overloading your car with additional electrical equipment. Your our battery can only take that much load and may cause chances for Fire in Cars.
  • Only purchase CNG/LPG kits from authorized centers for your car runs on LPG or CNG to prevent Fire in Cars. 
  • You must avoid too many modifications on the car since all this makes the vehicle vulnerable to electrical glitches and cause fire. 

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