Home Business GAIL India – An Integrated Energy Company: Complete Information

GAIL India – An Integrated Energy Company: Complete Information


GAIL India : An Integrated Energy Company

Gas Authority of India Limited is one of the largest gas transmission and marketing company in the country. It is undertaken by the Government of India. It was established on 16th August, 1984  which is headquartered in New Delhi.

GAIL entered the areas of Gas processing, petrochemicals, Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG ) transmission, telecommunication (GAILTEL), power, Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG ) regasification, City gas distribution, exploration and production. The company is responsible for the production, marketing, transportation and distribution of natural gas.

It is an intergated energy company interested in the business of natural gas, LPG, Liquefied Hydrocarbons and Petrochemicals. Today the company reached a new milestone of petrochemicals, telecom and liquid hydrocarbons, besides gas infrastructure. It operates more than 11,000 km long across the country natural Gas pipe line and more than 2000 km long LPG pipelines in India. And also their presence in 22 states in the country.

GAIL (India) Limited entered into a number of joint ventures both at national and global level. They are Avantika Gas Limited (AGL), Bhagyanagar Gas Limited. (BGL), Central U.P.Gas Limited (CUGL) , Green Gas Limited (GGL), Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) , ONGC Petro-additions Limited (Opal), etc.

In quarter 1 of 2017 the net profit of GAIL reduces 23.18% to 1,025.64 crore compared with Rs. 1335.18 crore in the same period last year. The revenue for the quarter came in at Rs 11,406.47 crore, up 6.74 percent YOY from Rs 10,686.58 crore in the year-ago quarter. There is a 6.5% increase in Income from Rs 10,686.58 crore  to Rs 11,406.47 crore. The market capital of GAIL ( India) Ltd is Rs. 63,457.70 crore.


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