Home Technology GalMobile Israeli technology Water Purification Vehicle Price availability and other information

GalMobile Israeli technology Water Purification Vehicle Price availability and other information


ALL IN ONE: Water Source, Treatment, Storage and Distribution

Have you heard about the GalMobile? Recently Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister just introduced this vehicle with latest water purification technology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi is the first ever prime ministerial visit from India to Israel. GalMobile is a sea water purification machine which is mounted on a jeep. This is a mobile desalination plant.

The demonstration took place at a beach in Dor, Israel, on a special Jeep. Israeli is the famous country for water management and recycling. This whole mobile desalination plant was a surprise to Modi. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) tweet came as:

“Gal-Mobile is an independent, integrated water purification vehicle, designed to produce high-quality drinking water. It can be useful in natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, military use in difficult terrain and rural areas to provide drinkable water.” Check photos of his latest visit here. 

This technology will be a great useful one as major parts of India have water shortages during the summer. The lack of fresh and clean water in the first 72 hours is the main problem after many major disasters. In such situations GalMobile will be a great help. 

Here are the System Characteristics of GalMobile. This is a Mobile, self-contained independent and automatic system. The vehicle is Lightweight and weighs 3,395 pound (1540 Kg). This can easily Connect to any possible Water source. This includes rivers, lakes, oceans, brackish water, wells, highly turbidity water source.

This can produces Drinking Water according at WHO Water standards. Gal-Mobile features Independent energy source. It can also Control & Analyzers stable supply of drinking water. There is an Advanced control system which greatly reduces the need for operator attendance.

Gal-Mobile have Resistance to all weather conditions. Its Speed is 55 MPH (90 KPH) and features Transferability and high level of safety. There are Plug & Play configuration. The Deployment will happen in less than 30 minutes and can carry 2 person.

There is an Integrated water storage tank with 265 Gallon (1000 liter) up to 2650 Gallon (10m3) capacity. Gal-Mobile packed with 12V low voltage system. This comes in Small dimension so easy to store, easy to carry and ship. 

Gal-Mobile Key Features

  • Mobile and automatic
  • 1540 Kg weight
  • Connect to any possible Water source
  • Makes Drinking Water with WHO Water standards
  • Independent energy source
  • Control & Analyzers water
  • Advanced control system
  • Resistance to hard weather conditions
  • 55 MPH (90 KPH) speed
  • Carry 2 person
  • Water storage tank- 265 Gallon (1000 liter)

Overall the system will work as a unique independent, integrated Water purification system. This is best with situation like Remote Communities,Villages at crises, Operational, Emergency etc. Enjoy Potable drinking water- from any source, any time, any where as this assures Treated Water Flow 23 m3/day from sea water & 92 m3/day from fresh water. 


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