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Gateway of India – Complete Travel Information & Historical Details


The well known Gateway of India was built in the year 1920 by the Government of India. It looks stunning and the nature of the building is that of a gateway. According history the The foundation of the building was laid on March 31, 1911. 

The design of Gateway of India was given by George Wittet. The total cost of construction was a sum of Rs. 21 lakh at that time. The approach road to the Gateway was never built due to lack of fund. Gateway of India is built from yellow basalt and reinforced concrete. Gateway of India is made in Indo-Saracenic in architectural style.

Gateway of India

The design got inspiration from the Muslim architectural styles of 16th century. Gateway of India gets a central dome which is 15 meters in diameter and reaches to a height of 26 meters above ground. The gateway in Mumbai inaugurated by the Viceroy, Earl of Reading on December 4, 1924. There are total four turrets and is designed with intricate latticework. The last of the British ships, set sail for England from Gateway of India in Mumbai. 

Behind the Gateway of India, steps lead down to the waterfront. Boat trips can be had to locations such as Elephanta Island from here. Later the statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda were installed at the Gateway. Once you visit here do not forget to Click photographs of the wide blue expanse of the Arabian Sea against the monument. There is also provision for Ride in horse-drawn gilded carriages called Victoria, walk in the Colaba area and ferry ride to the nearby Elephanta Island. 

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