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Hindustan Zinc Limited – Complete Company Information


Hindustan Zinc Limited: World’s Largest and Most Admired Zinc-Lead & Silver Company

Hindustan Zinc Limited is the  only  integrated zinc-lead producer in India and largest in the world. They engaged in mining and smelting of zinc, lead and silver metal in India. It is incorporated in 10th January 1966 as a public sector undertakings. It is the subsidiary of the Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd and Vedanta Resources plc.  Its current metal production capacity is nearly 1,064,000 tonnes per annum, which includes 879,000 tonnes of zinc and 185,000 tonnes of lead. Its smelter operations situated in Chanderiya, Debari and Visakhapatnam.

They are one of the lowest cost producer company in the world. The company is engaged in mining and refining ore, and mainly produces zinc and lead which are supplied to engineering and automobile industries. Zinc is mainly used for galvanizing steel, in alloys, batteries, rubber, paint, electroplating metal spraying and several other sectors. So the demand for zinc is increasing now a days, its consumption also increasing, which will leads to the huge production of zincs.

Hindustan Zinc limited is an important player in world zinc market. Hindustan Zinc having its own share and has a market share of more than 60%. The demand for zinc consumption is increasing day by day because in our society there is a tremendous growth in automobile and consumer durable industries. The total zinc smelter capacity of India is approximately 4.3% among the Asia Pacific region.

It posted mined metal production of 234 thousands tonnes during the June quarter ended in 2017, there is a 84% up compared to the previous year. Integrated zinc metal production during the quarter was at 194 thousands tonnes, there is a 91% up compared to the previous year. Integrated saleable lead metal production & silver production  during the quarter was at 35 thousands tonnes & 115 MT, 42% & 30 %up in year- to- year. Revenues during the quarter were Rs. 4,961 Crore, 79% up in y-o-y. Because there is a higher volume of zinc and lead sold with strong price.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization  is 113% increase during the same quarter to Rs. 2,404 Crore.  Capital mine development increased by 82% y-o-y and 28% q-o-q to 8,828 meters during the quarter ended in June 2017.


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