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IDFC Aadhaar Pay app launched – Steps to Use the App


IDFC Aadhaar Pay app has just launched and the bank becomes the first one to launch the biometric-based payment system Aadhaar Pay through its network. They plan to get 50,000-75,000 merchant to the Aadhaar pay module in the next two years. Aadhaar Pay makes cashless transactions possible without mobile phones of customer. This app is great beneficial for those who do not have debit cards, mobile wallets and android or other mobile phones.

There will be a biometric device which is attached to the smartphones and will be provided to the merchants. It may priced around Rs 2,500. Earlier IDFC Bank piloted the project across 16 states in India. Aadhaar Pay will be soon introduced in the country by Syndicate Bank, Indus Ind Bank, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank. They are in the process of launching it at the earliest.

How the IDFC Aadhaar Pay app Works ?

This Aadhaar-based payment system is an easy Aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution. It simply uses a retailer’s own Android smartphone to enable cashless payments. The app is designed by Designed by IDFC Bank in association with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The app is available only to merchants, who are on-boarded via e-KYC.

Steps to Use the App

  1. Merchants can download the IDFC Aadhaar Pay app on any basic smartphone
  2. The app will be connected to a STQC-certified Aadhaar biometric reader
  3. Once a customer makes a purchase, he or she need to select their bank’s name
  4. Then fill Aadhaar number on the merchant’s phone
  5. The customer’s fingerprint is then used to authenticate the transaction
  6. Merchant’s Aadhaar linked bank account will be credited
  7. No additional charges unlike debit and credit cards


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