Home gadgets M2M SIM Will Change to 13 Digit Numbers From 2018 July

M2M SIM Will Change to 13 Digit Numbers From 2018 July


13 Digit Numbers To All M2M SIM Card Holders From 1st July 2018

All SIM based M2M devices must change their 10 digit number to 13 digit from July 2018. This decision is taken by Department of Telecommunications (DoT). It is reported that the changes will starting from July 1st and it will be ending in the month of December. The M2M devices get 13 digit number from this July. This changes will not effect the common mobile phone consumers.

Now M2M is among the fastest-growing types of connected device technologies in the market. M2M or Machine-to-machine communication means two machines communicating, or exchanging data, without human interfacing or interaction. It is not only a mobile phone services but also other devices that are used for internet connectivity.

Today all business or industries most commonly used this M2M services to make their activities much easier. This communication much easier and enabled more applications to be connected. These technologies can connect millions of devices within a single network. M2M SIMs can have greater storage capacity. These SIMs can be used for remote sensors and other devices that need to last long in harsh environments.

This decision is taken by the Government to improve the Machine to machine communication and in order to assure economic development by sperading it to different sectors in the economy.


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