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Nanomaterial Based Technology May charge Batteries in seconds


Battery charging and back up is the main issue with Smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart watches, cameras or any other gadget. You may have dreamed about a battery charging device which takes only minutes or even seconds in certain situations. Latest news is that there are certain Nanomaterial which can charges everyday batteries in seconds. 

Usually complete battery charging takes hours. If you want a battery that charges in seconds you can choose a super capacitor. This new technology is under experiments and found by Drexel researchers for a better balance.

Researchers have developed electrodes based on a nano material, MXene. This is capable of offering quick charging times for chemical batteries. There is a 2D design which combines an oxide-metal ‘sandwich’ with hydrogel. There is a structure that’s extremely conductive and allows ions move freely as the battery builds up a charge.

Those MXene electrodes will charge within “tens of milliseconds”. If you use this with a phone, the whole charging process will takes only seconds or for an electric car in minutes. Scaling this up to production-quality energy cells is the main challenge. We hope that the ultra-fast charging is soon become realistic.


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