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NTPC Ltd – National Thermal Power Corporation Limited


NTPC Ltd: National Thermal Power Corporation Limited

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited is one of the biggest thermal power corporation in India. It is a public sector undertakings, which is founded in 7th November 1975. It is engaged in generation and sale of electricity. The company is headquartered at New Delhi.

In thermal power station the heat energy is converted into electric power. More than 65% of electricity generation is comes from thermal power plants. The most thermal corporation generating electricity via hydro, nuclear and renewable energy sources. The growth of NTPC is related to the diversification of business in the field of consultancy, power trading, training of power professionals, rural electrification, ash utilization and coal mining as well.

NTPC’ power generation is through different power stations. The present installed capacity of NTPC is 51,635 MW. This include 48 power station. They have 20 coal based station, 7 combined cycle gas/liquid fuel based stations, 1 Hydro based station), 9 Joint Venture stations (8 coal based and one gas based) and 12 renewable energy projects.

We can’t imagine without electricity. 85% of the country’s thermal power generation is coal based.  Coal plays a vital role in electricity generation world wide. Steam coal also known as thermal coal is used in power stations to generate electricity. In India most biggest thermal power stations are used coal for electricity generation.

NTPC reports 25.5% decline in net profit for the March quarter to Rs. 2,079.4 crore. The generation of power increased compared to the previous year. It reported an 11.4% jump in revenue from operations in the quarter to Rs. 20,417 crore from a year ago. In the year 2016-17 profit fell 12.4% to Rs. 9,385.26 crore. NTPC generated 250.3 billion units (BU) of electricity in 2016-17 against 242 BU a year ago.


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