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Robotics – Complete Details


Robotics – Complete Details

Robotics is a unique combination of the study of science, technology, engineering and maths. It deals with design, construction, operation and use of Robots and computer systems. These technologies are used to develop machines that can be used in place of humans.  Robots are user-friendly, intelligent, and affordable.

Today Robotics play an important role in each and every life in the world. They are used in the field of education, business, agriculture, space, under water, automobile, medical fields, astronauts, etc.  Robot is considered as a great asset today, because they can perform jobs that are too dangerous for humans.

Key Highlights

  • Robots produce more accurate and high quality work
  • They can do a great quantity of work in a short period of time
  • They do a work with careful without any tiredness.
  • High speed
  • They can perform application with more repeatedly than humans.
  • They are versatile in nature

Robotics means the study of Robots. They are usually machines which are controlled by computer programs. They can do the work automatically or based on the instructions given by the human being or computer. Robots are used as a great tool to help human kind. They are the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

Robotics makes learning fun, engaging and inspiring. The study of robotics helps to develop critical thinking skills and  problem solving strategies. It  enables learner to appreciate and realize technology. It builds confidence and self-esteem. This study enables the student to develop and express creativity. This study facilitates teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, applying science principals, and mathematical solutions.


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