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Swasthya Slate – Health Tablet to Conduct 33 Diagnostic Tests


Swasthya Slate

Have you heard about Swasthya Slate? This is a well known and powerful device that allows Android Tablets and Phones to conduct 33 diagnostic tests on the mobile device. There are specialized applications for conducting variety of screenings and health analysis protocols. 

Users of This device can simply deliver fast and accurate care at home, in clinics or any where else for those in need. There is decision support tools which offers you various quality recommendations for achieving better health.

Tests and Diagnostic Equipments in Swasthya Slate

tests and diagnostic equipments

This device can simply  stores electronic medical records. This Health Tablet is a bluetooth-enabled integrated diagnostic kit works with any with an android based mobile system. You have storage provision in the tablet and this pushes the data onto our cloud. Other facilities available are offline/online operations and doctor on call services. 

The device was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under the leadership of Union Health and Family Welfare in Jammu and Kashmir and other dignitaries in Jammu. Jammu and Kashmir is the first state in the country to get Swasthya Slate as part of the Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health program in six districts.

SSwasthya Slate (1) SSwasthya Slate (2)

Working of Swasthya Slate

Swasthya Slate is simple effective and dependable. There are integrated Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Rate, ECG, Body Temperature units. There is a  special reader for rapid diagnostics kits of various kinds that help their digitization. This can capture all material and uploading those on the cloud. There is a printer that allows for printout of the results immediately. 


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