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Tesla Electric Ship – Tesla of the Canals : A New Fully Electric Cargo Ship Container


Have you heard about the Tesla Electric Ship. The Tesla of the Canals is a New Fully Electric Cargo Ship Container ready to launch soon. This is an autonomous, clean energy-powered ships for moving goods around the ports in northern Europe.

Reduced carbon emissions is the key feature of this ship. This is built by a well known Dutch company Port-Liner and called as the “Tesla of the Canals”. This will connect Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam this summer.

Tesla of the Canals looks rich and packed with set of 6 meter (20 ft) long batteries. This is charged using carbon-free energy from Netherland’s largest energy providers, Eneco. There is no crew and this is expected to replace 23,000 freight trucks from the roads for goods transportation.

There will be total five of the 52 meter (170 ft) long, 6.7 (22 ft) meter wide barges. Each one of these can carry 24 shipping containers with weight of 425 tonnes. This also have 15 hours battery life. The Port-Liner company plans to build up to 500 ships per year.

in 2017, china launched a massive 70.5-metre-long ship, which weighs about 600 tonnes. The launch was at Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong Province. This is said to be the world’s first all-electric ship. Accordint o claim this can travel up to 80 km with 2000-tonnes cargo after a two-hour charge


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