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Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Smart and Attractive


How to Make Bathroom More Beautiful and Shining

BathroomToday’s bathrooms are beautiful and neat as your bedroom and other rooms. Bathroom is also considering as the important place in a home now a days. The interior designing for bathroom is considered by many young families. You can try with decoration of flowers, candles ans also use dome fresh perfumes. You can relax well both for your mind and body if you try these simple things. You can make you bath room more shinning and neat if you care a little daily. Just try these simple steps in order to make your bathroom and toilet more attractive.

  • Just keep some fresh flowers in a corner of your bathroom, it will be so attractive for everyone.
  • Decorate the bathroom with candles near to the bath tub and keep some good air fresheners too.
  • If there is stain and discoloration on the washbasin and tap just use mixture of hot water and vinegar
  • After applying and cleaning the pipe with solution wash well with plenty of water
  • Fill your Bathtub full of hot water mixed with soap powder to clean inside
  • Keep it for some hours and then remove the water, scrub with a soft sponge
  • Wash the bath tub again in the cold water well
  • You may have problem caused by the hard water on your pipes or shower
  • Remove the shower head in between and soak in vinegar+hot water solution
  • Wash well the shower head in hot water again and also in cold water after that
  • Care your toilet bowl without contaminated by hair/cotton/paper etc.
  • In order to clear the drainage you have to use mixture of baking soda and vinegar , fill it and wait for some time
  • Clean the drainage after some time using the hot water
  • In order make your bathroom mirror well shining and clean just use 50:50 vinegar and water and wipe the glass with a cotton/paper soaked in this solution
  • To clean the floor and wall tiles of bathroom use bleach
  • Alternatively you can use mouthwash for cleaning the bathroom tiles for more shining
  • If there is rust in the tiles on floor or wall you can use mixture of turpentine and salt after that wash well
  • Glass doors can clean easily to shine more use shaving cream or vinegar instead of others in between
  • Don’t forget to clean the ceiling of your bath room
  • Clean the bathroom ceiling with mixture of water and vinegar
  • Wear a protective eye glass during the cleaning of ceiling


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