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Toothache: Tips For Prevention and Management


How to Reduce or Avoid Tooth Pain

Tooth painThere will be no one who never experienced the tooth ache or pain once in a life time. Tooth ache is most commonly caused by the problems in the tooth or jaw mainly by the dental carries. Some may feel severe tooth ache and others may have mild pain. Whatever be the degree of pain the pain usually get aggravated when you chew something or during the drinking or eating or hot or cold items. for mild pains there is no need to worry much if you care a little you can treat from home itself. If you have severe pain and it is chronic in nature you have to go the dentist must and find out the cause and treat well. In below we have just listed some smile and home and tips and methods to cure and prevent tooth ache and and yo can just go through the article. Do your oral care well you never need to suffer tooth ache most of the time.

Tooth Pain: Most Common Causes

  • Dental carries
  • Infection to the dental pulp
  • Erection of a new teeth-wisdom teeth
  • cracked tooth
  • Dry socket caused by tooth extraction
  • Over eating of acidic, sweet foods
  • As a result of or as sign of other diseases

Tooth Pain: Tips To Prevent

  • First most importantly do your oral care/daily brushing well
  • Choose a good quality assured tooth paste preferably with fluoride content
  • Wash your mouth and clean teeth and tongue after having any sweet or sticky food items
  • Try to continue the habit of brushing of bruising twice in a day
  • Avoid the over use of tooth picks may damage tooth
  • Try chewing of some sugar free candies in between to keep mouth fresh
  • Avoid hard use of teeth like to open the cock of bottle
  • If you have any accidental damage to teeth consult dentist first to repair like a broken teeth other wise in future it may become a bad tooth

Toothache: Home Made Remedies To Reduce Pain

  • Try the juice if Gramboo/Clove tree/ Launga , it is a well known Ayurveda medicine and spice have the capacity to cure pain
  • Apply the juice if this medicine in soaked a cotton over the teeth and keep it for some time for pain relief
  • Dilute the baking soda in warm water and gargle frequently to reduce the tooth pain
  • Try gargling frequently with salt mixed and diluted in Luke warm water
  • In between you can try a paste of pepper powder and salt to brush your teeth to prevent and reduce tooth ache
  • Salt water mixed in Luke warm water will reduce the chance of infections in tooth and in oral cavity
  • Try chewing raw onion large /small one will reduce the tooth pain
  • Use hot Asafoetida/Hing/Kayam diluted in lemon juice and soak it well in cotton and apply where you have pain on the tooth
  • Better and best to avoid hot and cold foods during tooth pain try neutral foods
  • Try an ice pack over your cheek for some time in between if you have edema or the cheek due to the tooth problem
  • Visit your dentist once in a six month to prevent all dental problems


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