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Top 10 American Companies that Helped the Nazis


Top 10 American Companies that Helped the Nazis

Here is the list of Top 10 American Companies that Helped the Nazis. This American Companies helped Hitler and Nazi to kill Jews. The list is endless, but these are the popular and American Companies that aided the Nazis with money and materials. Hitler offered loads of slave – labors to this company for working without wages. You must identify this American Companies that Helped the Nazis. 

  1. International Business Machines
  2. General Motors
  3. Ford Motor Company
  4. Alcoa
  5. Woolworth
  6. Brown Brothers Harriman
  7. Dow Chemical
  8. Chase Manhattan Bank
  9. Hugo Boss
  10. Coca-Cola

International Business Machines 

IBM is one of the American Companies that Helped the Nazis. You should read the book named “IBM and the Holocaust”. This is a Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation written by journalist Edwin Black. IBM had lots of business dealings with Adolf Hitler during the 1930s and the years of World War II.

They greatly helped facilitate Nazi genocide through generation and tabulation of punch cards. This was based upon national census data.  IBM’s German subsidiary, known as Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft, or Dehomag allowed the Nazis to better organize their war effort and use of Nazi concentration camps. They supplied Hollerith equipment for Hitler. 

General Motors

Anther American Companies that Helped the Nazis is the General Motors. According to history, Nazi armaments chief Albert Speer said that Germany could not have attempted its September 1939 Blitzkrieg of Poland without the performance-boosting additive technology which is provided by Alfred P Sloan and GM.

Sloan and General Motors. GM also offered Opel Brandenburg facilities that produced bombers JU-88, trucks, land mines and torpedo detonators for Nazi Germany. They use to manufacture and assemble motors for the  Messerschmitt 262, the first jet fighter in the world with speeds up to 540 miles per hour. 

 American Companies that Helped the Nazis

Ford Motor Company

As per history, Ford in Germany cooperate with the Nazi regime and this is one of the leading  American Companies that Helped the Nazis. The book published in 1990 named as “The Fruits of Fascism” explain the details. The mass production techniques Ford had made famous.

Hitler had personal admiration for the anti-Semitism of Henry Ford. Fordwerke materially benefit from its economic activities in Nazi Germany, when it employed slave laborers. The Ford Motor Company knowingly allowed slave labour at its German subsidiary during the Second World War.  Henry Ford, the company’s founder, held anti-Semitic views. Ford supplied Germany with military equipment. 


Alcoa, the Mellon-Davis-Duke monopoly which is largely helped to kill jews. Germany had an unlimited supply of Aluminium during the time, while America did not have the aluminum with which to build airplanes. The company used to supply the Nazi regime with the materials needed for war as well as financial support. Now this is the third largest aluminum producer in the world. 


Woolworth is one of the famous American Companies that Helped the Nazis. 1.25% of the company’s entire inventory came from Germany led to protests in America. Due to public pressure, they removed the offending items from its stock.  Woolworth won them the designation “Adefa Zeichen,” an award reserved for companies that were “pure Aryan. The company doesn’t advertise their products with that seal of approval. Due to notorious anti-semitism, Woolworth fired all of its Jewish employees. 

 American Companies that Helped the Nazis

Brown Brothers Harriman

Do you know that the Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power. He was the was the director and shareholder of companies that profited from Nazi Germany. Prescott Bush and George Herbert (Bert) Walker were directors of the New York banking house of Brown Brothers-Harriman. They funded and directed the military-industrial complex behind Hitler and the Nazi revolution. 

Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical supplied Large stocks of magnesium for incendiary bombs and stockpiled explosives, stabilizers, phosphorus, and cyanides. Dow Chemical was very crucial in supplying the Nazi regime. This includes the materials needed for war as well as financial support. 

Chase Manhattan Bank

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase and this is well known as the Chase Manhattan Bank. The bank is headquartered in Chicago. This is one of the popular American Companies that Helped the Nazis financially. Chase National Bank, along with other businesses, were involved in these transactions.

They sold a special kind of Reichsmark, known as Rückwanderer [returnee] Marks, to American citizens of German descent. This allowed Nazi sympathizers to get discout on purchasing Marks with dollars. The bank Released of Funds for Nazi Germany During WWII. 

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss AG is a world’s leading German luxury fashion and style house based in Metzingen, Germany. The company named after its founder Hugo Boss.  He started a clothing company in Metzingen and the same time he became a member of the Nazi Party. Hugo Boss had a photograph of him with Hitler, in his apartment taken at Hitler’s Obersalzberg retreat. For production Hugo Boss used prisoners of war and forced labourers and supplied uniforms to Nazi Soldiers and Officials. 


Nazi Germany, Coca-Cola was a major presence as they  believed that the stuff was too frivolous for the German character. This drink appealed too much to the German public. During the World War II when Americal entered, Coca-Cola’s hundreds of bottling plants in Germany naturally cut off from main American support. The Germen representative of the company  redubbed the product “Fanta”. 

coca cola and nazi relation


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