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Top 10 Best Adventure Activities for Hill Stations


Top 10 Best Adventure Activities For Hill Stations

India is one of the best land for those who seek adventure. It is full of favored destination for adventure sports. Here we are introducing an article about Top 10 Best Adventure Activities for Hill Stations. These activities are popular and offer funny, thrilling, exciting and adventurous experiences. These are usually performed by great number of tourists. If you are searching for a good adventure activity list to do in hill stations, check out our list. Out list covers the core information about these activities.

1. Cycle trekking

The cycle trekking is one of the popular adventure activities in India. Himalayan range and the mountainous regions of Kerala are the best spots for cycle trekking. The rider can enjoy the beautiful landscape in  the hill station. This adventurous activity can be done individually or in groups. Himachal, Manali, Kumaon, Garhwal, Ladakh and sikkim are the best destination of this activity.

2. Heli Skiing

The Heli Skiing is considered as an abbreviation used for helicopter skiing. The Himalayas and Manali are full of ultimate skiing spots, which offer the skiing adventure activity experiences for the skier. It is regarded as one of the recreational activities. The skiers have to ensure their safety. Following are the best destinations for this activity.

1. Chandrakhani Pass, Manali, H.P.

2. Auli, Uttaranchal

3. Hanuman Tibba, Manali, H.P.

4. Rohtang Pass, Manali, H.P.

5. Deo Tibba, Manali, H.P.

3. Bungee Jumping

The Bungee Jumping is one of the popular adventure, exciting and thrilling water sport, that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. This is an ill-advised sport for the timid hearted fellow. The most famous destination for this activity are Bengaluru, Rishikesh, Delhi and Goa. Some film actors did this activity for movie.

4. River Rafting

The River Rafting is one of the best adventure water sports in India. This is a recreational outdoor activity. The person who involved in this activity have to use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Ganges river is a popular spot, which is full of surprises for the rafters. It is a perfect destination for white water rafting. Following are the other best destinations for this adventure activity.

1. Indus River, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

2. Kundalika River, Maharashtra

3. Zanskar River, Ladakh

4. Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh

5. Teesta River, Sikkim and Darjeeling,

5. paragliding

The paragliding is known as both recreational as well as a competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders. This is the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature. This is regarded as a lightweight, free-flying and foot-launched glider aircraft, which is performed aerially. Munnar and Vagamon are perfect spots for this activity. Other perfect destination are:

1. Ladakh

2. Yelagiri in Tamilnadu

3. Shillong in Meghalaya

4. Satpuras Range in Gujarat

5. Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan

6. Trekking

The Trekking is a popular adventure activity, which provide the opportunity to the adventurers to acquire a deep insight into the immaculate beauty of the regions. The Himalayan mountain ranges offer one of the amazing trekking experiences to the trekkers. Some of the perfect destinations for this adventure activity are:

1. Zanskar Frozen River Trek

2. Singalila Kanchenjunga Trek

3. Trans Zanskar “Darcha to Lamayuru Trek”

4. The Sources of Ganges “Gomukh Tapovan Trek”

5. Classical Markha Valley Trek

7. Mount climbing

The Mount climbing is a sport, in which the climbers use the strength of their arms and legs to climb up mountains. This sport will refreshes your mental and physical ability. This adventurous activity is also known as mountaineering. It is considered as one of the interesting adventure activities. Following are some destinations for this activity.

1. Sonamarg

2. Gulmarg

3. Lahaul & Spiti

4. Pahalgam

5. Ladakh

8. Camping

The Camping is considered as an outdoor recreational activity, which is famous since 20th century. It involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter like a caravan, a motor home and a tent. This is more of an adventurous and fun activity. Following are the popular and best destination for this activity.

1. Pahalgam

2. Gulmarg

3. Lahaul & Spiti

4. Ladakh

5. Sonamarg

9. Horse riding

The horse riding is considered as an enthralling experience for all. It is considered as a skillful activity. In India, there are a number of destinations apt for this activity. This activity is also known as various names such as equestrianism, riding or horseback riding. Following are the best destinations in India for this activity.

1. Gulmarg

2. Pahalgam

3. Ladakh

4. Sonamarg

5. Shillong, Meghalaya

10. Bike Trip to Leh

The Bike Trip to Leh is regarded as one of the best adventure experiences in the Land of High Passes. The riders have to ride through the tough roads as well as High Mountain passes on the bike. The riders can enjoy the beautiful landscape of  Leh Ladakh. Khardung La is known as the highest motorable road in the world, which is the best destination for this activity.


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