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Top 10 Best and Popular Fairness Soaps in India


Top 10 Best and Popular Fairness Soaps in India

People of all age groups are fond of fair skin. So they use some fairness creams, soaps, face packs, lotions etc. to make their skin more fair. Here we are introducing an article about top 10 best and popular fairness soaps. These soaps offering glow, softness and fairness to the skin. Most of them are Ayurvedic and contains natural ingredients. They never harm the skin. If you are searching for a good fairness soap, check out our list. Our list covers the full details of all these soaps.

1. Shahnaz Husain Shafair Fairness Soap

The Shahnaz Husain Shafair Soap is an Ayurvedic soap from Indian market, which is enriched with moisturizers. It helps to improve your skin’s fairness. This soap contains turmeric, honey and saffron. Its bleaching properties as well as saffron works to whiten the skin. This Ayurvedic soap can clean and nourishes your skin. Available at Rs. 240/- (approx).

2. Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap

The Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap provides a mild floral perfume with freshness and glow. This is an excellent fairness soap, which contains a blend of pure natural ingredients. It will lighten your skin tone effectively. The Avon natural fairness bar soap offers mild and gentle cleansing. This is apt for even the sensitive skin type. Available at Rs. 76/- (approx).

3. Oriflame Essentials Fairness Soap

The Oriflame Essentials Fairness Soap is a soft soap, which is good for all skin types. It has been specially formulated with a skin lightening complex. This soap has natural properties, which will cleanse the pore. This is a smooth cream-based soap. It is made of Sodium Palm Kernelate, Palm Acid, Sodium Palmate, Aqua, Glycerin, Parfum, Stearic Acid etc. Available at Rs. 229/- (approx) for 75 grams pack.

4. Lotus Herbals Licorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser

The Lotus Herbals Licorice White Skin Whitening Cleanser contains premium ingredients like manjistha and licorice (mulathi) in their purest form. This soap can control the formation of the skin pigment and melanin. It can facilitate skin whitening, removing blemishes and reduce dark spots. This is suitable for all skin types. Available at Rs. 1,380/- (approx).

5. VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap

The VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap is made up of natural ingredients. This soap can be used for both your face and body, which offers a deep cleansing action. It contains mulberry, basil and almonds. This soap will provide smooth, fair and glowing skin. The VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap does not cause any irritation. Available at Rs 85/- (approx) for 125 grams pack.

6. Vaadi Herbals Luxurious Saffron Soap

The Vaadi Herbals Luxurious Saffron Soap is enriched with multi-mineral-rich content of Saffron and goat Milk. It gently fades away pigmentation marks and blemishes. The saffron will help you to soften and lightening the skin. The goat milk will mildly bleach the skin. It offers natural glow to the skin. Available at Rs. 38/- (approx) for 75 grams pack.

7. Forest Essentials Luxury Butter Soap

The Forest Essentials Luxury Butter Soap leaves your skin feeling soft and pampered. It is made up of fresh cow’s milk, saffron and honey. This soap will make skin lighter than the present tone. This Essentials Luxury Butter Soap imparts glow and fairness to the skin. Available at Rs. 395/- (approx) for 125 gram pack.

8. Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap

The Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap offers natural fairness to the skin. It contains natural ingredients like milk and honey. This soap can reduce the formation of melanin. This Essence Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap gives you a spotless complexion. Available at Rs. 55/- (approx) for 75 gram pack.

9. Emami Naturally Fair Pearls Herbal Fairness Soap

The Emami Naturally Fair Pearls Herbal Fairness Soap will protects your face from UV rays. This soap gently cleanses your skin and moisturizes it. The Naturally Fair Pearls Herbal Fairness Soap will hydrate your skin and make the tone visibly lighter. It is made up of real pearl dust and herbal natural extracts like Aloe vera, sandal wood, chamomile and liquorice. Available at Rs. 262.89/- (approx) for 75 gram pack.

10. Khadi Haldi Chandan Soap for Fairness

The Khadi Haldi Chandan Soap for Fairness is enriched with the extracts of aloe, sandal, turmeric and lotus. This is an Ayurvedic fairness soap, which treats skin problems such as pimples and blackheads. It gives protection to the skin from pollution, wrinkles and bacteria. Available at Rs. 65/- (approx) for 125 gram pack.


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