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Top 10 Best Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men


How To Do Latest Celebrity Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men

Top 10 Best Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men

Best Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men

Setting a stylish and new beard always offers hot look for guys. The thing you must consider before going to try a new trend is whether the style is suitable for your or not. Usually peoples with long face are better to select the Moustaches and sideburns style. If you have a Bald Head or a Round Face just go for the most hot style Goatee. You can also select the  full, dense beard if you have a Square Face.

The trends and styling of beard will change based on the fashion concepts and stars publicity. Here we are listing the Top 10 Best Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men which are very famous and well received world wide as latest celebrity options. Some of them are simple and no need to care much other styles need little care and attention to maintain. Choose the best Best Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men.

 List Of Hot Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men

  • Light Or Short Beard
  • The Chin Curtain
  • Moustache And Goatee
  • Designer Stubble/Shadow
  • French Style Moustache and Beard
  • Mountain Man look
  • The Norris Scripper
  • Contemporary Moustache
  • Skinny Goatee
  • Barely-there-Beard

The Mountain Man beard Look

1. The Mountain Man beard Look

  • The ever most famous type of full beard
  • Chosen by the most popular rock stars as Mr. Jon hamm
  • Just allow your natural facial hair to grow up to a length you wish
  • Comb well and set before you go out is the most important thing
  • Best suited for all men and offers a classic look
  • No need to get help from a stylist to have this
  • Proper cropping is essential and best suited for square face
  • The style includes a full grown facial hair in a thick patters

Light Or Short Beard

2. Light Or Short Beard

  • This another most popular and hot beard styling
  • The style icon David Beckham is using these hot beard option
  • Chosen by the famous film starts and sports icons
  • It is much easier to maintain than a full Beard
  • The style is most appealing and suitable for all
  • Allows you to be free on formal and informal functions

moustache and goatee

3. Moustache And Goatee

  • The moustache alone offers a classic look if you add a goatee with it is the perfect contemporary look ever
  • It is widely chosen by most of the celebrities and common men
  • This appealing style offers a clean look and suited well with dark complexion
  • Best suited for persons with lean face and slim jaw line
  • If you are not interested in having hair on the cheek you can opt for this hot style

Designer Stubble or Shadow

4. Designer Stubble or Shadow

  • A hot and undated facial hair style well fitted for men with fair complexion
  • Well known style used by the famous star Robert Pattinson
  • There will be only short hair growth of facial hair
  • The key point is that you need to trim daily to keep it clean
  • The hair growth is well controlled by clean shave over the throat
  • “five o’clock shadow” is the other name of this beard style

French Style Moustache and Beard

5. French Style Moustache and Beard

  • The most hot and sexy style which is well famous by the Johnny Depp
  • You need to care and maintain well to get a fresh and clean look
  • You can set this style easily from a saloon and need maintenance in between
  • The style involves facial hair only in small portion of face and other portion of cheek is free


6. Barely-there-Beard

  • Well famous and hot style option wearing the famous star Bradley Cooper
  • Suits well for men with all types of face shapes and types
  • There is no need to waste time for maintenance of this style
  • Well suited with all kinds of formal and casual options
  • Best look offered with the oval and symmetrical face

Contemporary Moustache

7. Contemporary Moustache

  • The best style you select for hot summer season
  • The style is back now and you can try by trimming all facial hair on cheek
  • It offers a masculine and strong look for guys
  • It works for men with rectangular shaped face with round chin
  • Offers a well neat and clean gentle man look with straight hair
  • Another option vintage moustache can also try as the famous Hollywood star Brad Pitt

 Skinny Goatee

8. Skinny Goatee

  • A stylish and hot selection best offered for those with lees hair growth
  • In this style two vertical lines will connect with the moustache
  • There is a connection between the beard and moustache is the key point
  • Offers an aggressive look, well suited with the fuller face

The Norris Scripper

9. The Norris Scripper

  • Another best Hollywood’ style for trendy men
  • In this style option all facial hair is removed excluding those hair from the focal, facial area
  • Best suited for persons with strong jawlines
  • Need to maintain daily by proper trimming/shaving
  • Will be so comfortable for you people in coming summer months

The Chin Curtain

10. The Chin Curtain

  • The chin curtain option is a well  refreshed type facial hair styling of the Short Boxed Beard
  • It shares some similarities with the classical Goatee style too
  • You need to keep the style by regular maintenance
  • The style usually involves but if you wish you can make it thick by trimming properly

Another Hot Top 10 Facial Hair-Beard Style For Men

  • Grizzly Beard
  • Straight-Edged Scruff
  • The Moustache
  • The Short Boxed Beard
  • The Dirty Shave
  • The Anchor
  • The Full Beard
  • Circle Beard
  • Vintage Moustache
  • The Low Cut Beard


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