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Top 10 Best Pickle Manufactures and Leading Brands in India


 Top 10 Best Pickle Manufactures and Leading Brands in India

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Pickle Manufactures and Leading Brands in India. These are well known brands in India which offers high quality and tasty pickles with variety of ingredients. Different vegetable, fruits or mixed pickles are available to purchase from these popular brands. Choose the best brand and try their products. 

1. Aachi Foods

Aachi Group of companies is a registered and branded company. In Tamil Nadu Grand Mothers are called “AACHI”. A grandmother or mother usually teaches cooking with the  importance of food safety. Those food will not only nutritious but also safe to eat. Foods prepared by Aachi is equal to the food prepared by our mother. Cooking is an art of adjustments.

The tagline of Aachi Group of Companies is “Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there”. Aachi group is a famous pickles producers in India. They make good, quality, tasty food which is always a favorite among us. The main pickles are Avakkai Mango pickle, MIxed Vegetable pickle, Mango pickle, Garlic pickle, Cutmango Mango pickle, Ginger pickle, Mango Thokku pickle, Lime pickle, Citron pickle, Ginger pickle, Tomato pickle etc.

2. MTR Foods

MTR Foods is a food products company which is head quarted in Banglore. They produces wide range of packaged foods and offers customers Breakfast Mixes, Masalas and Spices, Ready to Eat Meals, Dessert Mixes, Snacks, Beverages, Pickles, etc.

All range of their products are heartwarming, authentic and 100% natural. MTR Foods offers pickles which are made with traditional recipes handed over generations. They produces both fruits and vegetable pickles. Their pickles are Garlic pickle, Tender mango pickle, Mango pickle, Tomato pickle, Avakai mango pickle, Mixed vegetable pickle, Lime pickle, Mango Thokku pounch pickle, Garlic pickle etc.

3. Neo Foods

Neo Foods is specialized in pickled and preserved fruits and vegetables which are grown under their contract farming. This guarantees quality and helps to meet the highest standard of worldwide customers. Their roster of customer is not only from in India but also from World wide. They have an aim to become globally  recognized company with sustainable development.

Neo Foods produces mainly processed vegetables, preserved fruits, Relish range, pastes, pickles,etc. They produced very tasteful and different model pickles. They are Sliced Paprika Red Chilli, Baby Corn, Mixed Bell Pepper, Sliced Jalapeno, Burger Chips Cucumber, Hot&Sweet Relish Ginger, Processed Vegetable Gherkin, Relish, Mustard, etc.

4. Keya Foods International Pvt.Ltd

Keya is an ISO and FSSAI certified company which will bring 100 of products including instant soups, pickles and ready to eat range of fruits and nuts snacks. Keya has evolved as India’s leading specialty food brand. The main features of Keya foods are finest ingredients, natural/preservatives free, automated process.

Their ranges of products are Herbs, Sprinklers, Seasonings, Soups, Spices, Snackers, Pickles. Keya’s range of pickles are perfect with every meal. They are Mangalore Fish Pickle, Malabar Chicken Pickle, Goan Prawn Pickle etc. 

5. Manjila’s Food Tech Pvt Ltd

Manjila’s Double Horse is promoters of good food honoring the tradition of best and unique taste. They serving traditional food that is healthy and hygienic. They use perfect blend of technology. This includes naturally preserved pickles, healthy food, ready-to-cook & ready-to-eat products, traditional preserves, coconut products, etc.

They produce 3 types of pickles. They are vegetable pickles, non-veg pickles and  vegetables in brine. Vegetable pickles are Cut Mango pickle, Lime pickle, Tender Mango Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Dates Pickle, Bitter Gourd Pickle, Gooseberry Pickle, White Lime pickle, Raisins Pickles, Hot & Sweet Lime Dates Pickles, Kaduku Mango Pickle, etc. Non-veg pickles are Prawn Pickle, Chicken Pickle, Fish Pickle, Meat Pickle. Vegetable in Brines are Mango  in Brines, Garlic in Brines, Gooseberry in Brines, Lemon  in Brines, Ginger  in Brines, Carrot  in Brines, Chilli  in Brines, Mixed vegetable  in Brines etc.

6. Nilon’s Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Nilon’s is a leading manufacturing company in India for quality food products pickles, spices/masalas, Chinese products, cooking pastes, tooty-fruity, roasted vermicelli, etc. Nilon’s takes pride in being the world’s largest manufacturer of pickles.

A wide variety of pickles are produced by them. They are Mango Pickle, Lime Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, Sweet Mango Pickle, Stuffed Red Chilli pickle, Garlic Pickle, Tomato Pickle, Gongura Pickle, Choondo Pickle, Cut Mango Pickle,etc.

7. Kilban Foods (India) Pvt Ltd

Kilban Foods (India) Pvt Ltd is a food manufacturing company. “HAPPY” is the flagship brand of Kilban Foods Pvt Ltd.  Happy  has become the brand of choice for crores of customers. Their products are Fruit Sqashes, Fruit Jams, Pickles, Non Fruit Soft Drinks, Sauces, Fruit Crushes, White Vinegar, etc.

They produce many tasteful pickles. They are Tender mango pickle, Lime pickle, Green Chilli pickle, Red Chilli pickle, Lime pickle, Tomato pickle, Garlic pickle, Mixed Vegetable pickle,  Bitter Gourd Pickle, Gooseberry Pickle, Dates pickle, etc.

8. Priya Foods

Priya Foods is the registered trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited. They produced wide range of products like pickles, spices, masalas, culinary pastes, papads, masala pastes, edible oils, instant mix, ready to eat foods, commodities, health foods, etc.

Priya foods produces variety of pickles. They are  Cut Mango pickle, Lime pickle, Tender Mango Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Dates Pickle, Bitter Gourd Pickle, Gooseberry Pickle, White Lime pickle, Raisins Pickles, Hot & Sweet Lime Dates Pickles, Kaduku Mango Pickle, Red Chilli pickle, Gongura Pickle, Amala Pickle, Gongura Onion Pickle, Karela Pickle, Jaggery Mango Pickle, etc.

9. Mother’s Recipe , Desai Group

Mother’s Recipe is an Indian food company under Desai Group with the magic of the grandmother’s kitchen. They brings a wide variety of traditional taste food products like Pickles, Papads, Pastes, Ready to Cook, Instant mixes, etc.

Their signature product range of pickles are prepared well. They are Citron Pickle, Kaduku Pickle, Mixed Pickle, Andra Ginger Garlic, Green Chilli, Andra Gongura pickle, Stuffed Red Chilli, Mango Ginger, Karnataka Cut Mango, Madras Onion, Andra Avakaya, Lime Chilli, Kerala Lime etc.

10. Craft Foods

Craft Foods is a manufacturer of good quality products in the brand name of ” Kitchen Gardens”. They specialize mostly in pickles. They manufactures variety of pickles. They are Sour Lime Pickle, Royal Rangoli Mix Pickle, Mashroom Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Amala Pickle, Royal Rangoli Green Chilli, Royal Rangoli Sweet Lime Pickle, Royal Rangoli Red Chilli Stuff, Royal Rangoli Mango Pickle, Royal Rangoli Sour Lime Pickle, etc.


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