Top 10 Best Safety Tips For Women While Travelling Alone in India

Top 10 Best Safety Tips For Women While Travelling Alone in India

Here we are introducing Top 10 Best Safety Tips For Women While Travelling Alone in India. These tips will help you to protect yourself. Today most of the women experiencing sexual harassment from men while travelling alone in India. The rape cases are increasing day by day. So every women in India as well as those coming from abroad should learn some tips to prevent such situations. Our list covers ten tips, which are very easy to follow. This will guide you when you are going to travel in India. Read carefully.

1. Dress modestly and conservatively

As a female traveler should dress more modestly than you would at home. Don’t wear clothes which exposes your body and invites men to see you. For example: sleeveless t-shirts or tops,  short skirts or shorts, low neck or back clothes, tight clothes etc will expose your body and attract the men. If you follow these instructions, this will help you to avoid many bad situations and unwanted attention from others. Salwar kameez with a dupatta is the best costume recommended by many people while travelling. Always carry a dupatta in your bag.

2. Select the hotel in a crowded area

Choose a reputed national hotel with good safety records. You should share the hotel details with your dear ones before leaving for the trip. When you are staying in a hotel, You must keep door closed. If the hotel staff coming for maintenance, you can open the door completely, but you have to stand outside the room till he finishes the work. Ask a room near the elevator or staircase. Don’t choose mom-and-pop accommodation.

3. Avoid travel alone in nights

You need to avoid going out late at night in the dark. When you are in Noida/ Delhi/ Mumbai at night, be more cautious. Always inform your dear one about where you’re going, and stay connected to friends and contacts via social media. Ask your hotel to send a cab instead of hiring any odd taxi off the road, when you are traveling alone at night. You can choose a crowded public transportation like bus and train or a reliable taxi known to your hotel to travel at night. While travelling in a taxi call your friend or relatives and reveal aloud where you are presently and the registration number of the taxi to make sure that the driver is listening to your conversation. Don’t travel overnight as much as possible in public transportation  like buses or trains. Sit in the front seat of the bus or sit along with other women, when you are travelling in a bus.

4. Don’t talk to strangers

Most of the women face sexual harassment from strangers. So avoid talking with strangers, especially at night time. Besides, don’t accept food from strangers. There is no need to bother about what the men think. If you do it, you can avoid many bad situations.

5. Carry mobile phone and insert an Indian SIM card

Always take a mobile phone with you. On arrival itself try to get an Indian SIM card and this will prevent bad situations. When you want a cab or make a call to book a hotel room this will help you. You can also call for help if necessary with the help of a mobile phone. If you have a net connection this will help you to see the google map to understand the location you are travelling. This map will guide you in right way.

6. Avoid wearing costly jewelry

If you wear to much jewelry this will attract the attention of robbers and you will become a target for thieves. May be it will cause murder. You can wear Indian jewelry, and tell people I am married to an Indian man. Don’t wear too much make up on your face. The best way to keep jewelry is to put it in a favorite bag you’ll carry while traveling. You must avoid putting your jewelry in checked baggage. Don’t leave jewelry in hotel room.

7. Do not visit pub or bar in night

Pubs or bars are good place for a drink. But don’t visit there alone. An Indian women very rarely drink alcohol. But most of the western women drink wine, beer etc. When you are in India, do not drink by visiting pubs or bar. If you want to drink it, you can buy alcoholic drinks and drink from your hotel room by locking the door safely.

8. Avoid physical touch with opposite sex

Don’t not follow western culture like handshaking, hugging, kissing etc between men. It is not right manner in India. Most of them may considered this as sexually stimulating act. So avoid such situations even if the men known to you. It is good that do not shake hands with men unless he extends his hand first. If you want to greet a men, you can press your palms together in front of your body and say Namaste.

9. Study self defense techniques

Try to study some self defense techniques such as karate, Kung Fu etc. It will help to protect yourself from sexual harassment. Besides, you must always get a knife, blade, pine and other sharp tools as well as chilly powder spray or pepper powder spray in your bag. These items will improve your confident. You can use your voice as a best self-defense tool.

10. Be confident and assertive 

You should be confident and assertive and hold yourself well. There is no need to be polite every time as this will consider as a sign of weakness. You don’t be afraid to speak out. If you feel like someone is hassling, cheating or ‘eve teasing’ shout and shame them. Always best to ignore people like sale person. Always act confident even if you aren’t.

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