Top 10 Best Spiral Binding Machines in India with Price Info

Top 10 Best Spiral Binding Machines in India with Price Info

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Spiral Binding Machines in India with Price Info. With the help of a good spiral binding machine you can organize scattered pieces of papers and documents. This will keep your documents strong and durable. Keep all papers as files or folders with a Spiral Binding Machine. Choose a manual model or electrical one as per need. Read this article and you can select the Best Spiral Binding Machine from this list. 

1. Oddy Spiral Binder

Oddy is a famous spiral binders offering company. Their Oddy A4 Size Spiral Binding Machine is a famous model. This is priced Rs 2,889 in India. This binder can Punches 15 sheets (size: a4) of 70 gsm at a time, puts 39 holes in 12 inch length. This equipment features solid base, high quality steel cutters etc. The Oddy A4 Size Spiral Binding Machine is safe & comfortable. There are high quality plastic mould, heavy duty, rugged & durable body. The machine is simple to operate and used in press and book publishing sectors for binding the papers. 

2. Namibind Spiral Binder

Namibind NB-139 Semi Automatic Spiral Binding Machine is a famous offering from the brand and this is available to purchase at Rs. 7,974. Namibind Office Use Binding Machine is a high quality semi automatic spiral binding machine with max. There is 10-12 sheet binding capacity and device packed with a roller on the head of the machine for inserting coil automatically into the holes. It gets a manual book to describe how to use this product. 

3. SToK

SToK ST-BM01 Binding Machine is a top and famous product from SToK. This can be used to Punch Book, Reports, Scrapbook etc. It is priced Rs 2,599. This is usable as Binder or Puncher or Trimmer or Cutter or Laminator. You can use A4 and A5 Size papers with this. Operate this Manually and device comes with 21 Hole and 350 Sheets Capacity For Office and Home. There are 2 Sheets Punching capacity of 80g per time. Other features are 21 Holes Punch Slot.Comb Binding, 350 Sheet Binding Capacity, High Quality Steel Cutters. Max One Laminated Sheet Punching, Heavy Duty, Rugged & Comfort size, Semi Automatic Bond Document Opener etc. 

4. GBC Spiral Binder

GBC Spiral Binding Machine is a well known Manual Multi Binder from GBC. This is available to purchase at Rs 4,600. It is a 3-in-1 Spiral Binder for Easy Insertion of Spirals, Wires & Clicks. This is a Manual spiral binder which supports A4 Paper Format. Key features are 15 Punch Capacity, Multi binding, 500 Binding Capacity etc. The product is portable and Shock Proof. Dimensions includes 40 cm Width, 34 cm Height, 23.9 cm Depth, 6.5 kg Weight etc. There is 12 Months warranty too.

5. RPG Spiral Binder

RPG A4 Size Spiral Binding Machine is the top model spiral binding machine from RPG. This is packed with Single Handed Power option. You can buy this for Rs 4,400. The machines is capable of Punching 10 Sheets (Upto 75 gsm) Easily. There are 39 Circular holes Punch facility. It supports A4 Size. This device packed with Muscular Power and this is a great Product From a Brand with More Than 25 Years trust. 

6. GBT Light Spiral Binder

GBT SBA4L Manual Coil Binder is a famous model which is available to purchase at Rs 2,770. The GBT Light Spiral Binding Machine is easy to install. This can be simply shift from one place to another. Dimension (WxDxH)of the product is 43x31x17cm. Key features are support for A/4 Paper format, 550 Binding thickness, 7Kg Weight (Kg) Approx, 8- 10 Sheet (Sheet of 75 gsm) Max. punching capacity  etc. There is a Chip tray and Packing Dimension is 46x37x22cm.

7. Jaimini Spiral Binder

Jaimini Manual Spiral Binding Machine is a top model from Jaimini brand. This is available to purchase at Rs. 3,999. This is a high quality spiral binder which supports a4 Paper size. The quality inspectors tested this Spiral Binding Machines and assures about quality and performance parameters. This can offer the clients a flawless range. You have to just punch the paper using punching handle and insert the coil using roller automatically.

8. Antiva Spiral Binder

Antiva e-WIRO 31 Manual Wire Binder is a great option if you are looking for a high quality spiral binder. This is available to purchase at Rs 16030. The device supports A4 Paper Format and features 20 Sheets Punch Capacity. This is a Manual machine with Wire Binder Type. The Binding Capacity is 120 Sheets. The Pitch is 3:1 (34 Holes. The product Weight is 8.8 kg. It has Height of 41 cm and Width of 42.5 cm. Binding Performance is described as 500 books / hour. Other features are Wire Ring Binding Controller, All Metal Chassis and Mechanism, 7500 sheets / hour Punching Performance and Adjustable Paper Size Guide. 

9. Fellowes Star Plus Spiral Binder

Fellowes Star+ 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine is a high quality spiral binder. This is a Light duty comb binding machine for the small office. The device supports Manual punches up to 10 sheets at a time. This can Binds up to 150 sheets with a 3/4 Inches comb. The binder Allows user to punch & bind continuously for maximum productivity. It Loads vertically for accurate punch alignment. The spiral binder priced Rs 4700.

10. Excelam Spiral Binder

Excelam is a well known spiral binding machines offering brand which provides high quality laminating machines too.  Excelam spiral binding machine ( manual )Model no. Spiro 40 is a good option, which is available to purchase at Rs 4120/- in India. Key features includes Maximum 14 sheets (80g paper) per manual punch; Maximum Binding Capacity: Arbitrary; Max. Binding width: FS; Number of holes : 40 holes; Hole Distance : 8.47mm;  size of Machine: 42.5×23.5×15.0mm; Net Weight : 6.7kgs etc.

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