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Top 10 Famous Deserts in India


Top 10 Famous Deserts in India

Deserts are generally considered as a wild, harsh places, which are one among the beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Sometimes they are classified as “semiarid” or “coastal”, “hot” or “cold”. Here we are introducing an article about famous deserts in India. These deserts are popular and most of them have historical significance. Our list covers the details of ten deserts in India. If you are searching about famous deserts in India, check out our list.

1. Jaisalmer – Rajasthan

The Jaisalmer is considered as a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also  called as “The Golden city”. This desert is situated close to the Pakistan Border. This city is popular for its Jaisalmer Fort and Desert Safari. This city is located 575 kilometers west of the state capital Jaipur. This is the major tourist attraction due to its desert camel safari. Farming is the main occupation of people.

2. Kutch – Gujarat

The Kutch is known as a district of Gujarat state, which lies on the India-Pakistan border. It is geographically one of the India’s largest as well as most distinctive districts. Gujarat is considered as one of the most beautiful states of India, which includes numerous attractions. It provides ample opportunities for desert safaris. This state is holding onto its magnificence natural history from the past.

3. Pushkar – Rajasthan

The Pushkar is one of the oldest existing cities of India, which has one of the very few existing devoted temples to Lord Brahma. This town is considered as one of the five sacred dhams for devout Hindus. It is popular for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair. Nagaur Fair, Pushkar Fair, Blue Lotus Festival (February) and Tejaji fair are the fair in this town.

4. Bikaner – Bikaner

The Bikaner is known as a city in the northwest of the state of Rajasthan, which is known for its sweets and snacks. Its main attractions are Sand Dunes and the Desert Safari. This desert is well known for hosting the international Camel festival. Besides, it is popular for having its own unique temple, called the Rats Temple. This city is also known as ‘camel country’.

5. Jodhpur – Rajasthan

The Jodhpur is considered as a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also referred as “Sun City”, because of the bright and sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. Besides, this city is also called as “Gateway to Thar” and Blue City. Jodhpur is popular for its temples, blue houses, Mehrangarh fort, sweets etc. This is the thirty-fifth largest city in India.

6. Chittorgarh

The  Chittorgarh is known as a municipality and a city in Rajasthan state. It is known to have contributed to a number of both folk tales as well as fables. This city is situated on the banks of river Gambhiri and Berach. This town is considered as a home to the Chittorgarh Fort. This municipality enjoys historical significance in  Rajput history.

7. Kumbhalgarh

The Kumbhalgarh is considered as a small rolex replica town in district Rajsamand, which is known as the World Heritage Site included in Hill Forts of Rajasthan. This Mewar fortress is known world wide for its great architecture as well as history. It is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. This fort was built by Maharana Kumbha during the 15th century.

8. Ajmer – Rajasthan

The Ajmer is known as one of the major cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This city was founded by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan in the 7th century AD. The Aravalli Mountains, which surrounded the city. It is popular for its Dargah Sharif of Saint Moinuddin Chishti. This is the center of the eponymous Ajmer District. This city is considered as an educational and cultural center.

9. Bundi

The Bundi is a city was formerly known as ‘Bunda-Ka-Nal”; Nal meaning ‘narrow ways’. This beautiful town is the administrative headquarters of Bundi District. This city has importance in the history of Rajasthan. It is surrounded by the Aravalli hills. This city is located 35 km from Kota and 210 km from Jaipur.

10. Khimsar – Rajasthan

The Khimsar Fort is located near Khinvsar village, which has been awarded the ‘national grand heritage award for excellence’. It is popular for its Nagaur Festival. This city is located around 92 km on the highway from Jodhpur to Bikaner in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. It was once a small kingdom. This small village is deal for a relaxed weekend getaway in the winters.


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