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Top 10 IT Companies in India with Best Salary Scale


Top 10 IT Companies in India with Best Salary Scale

Here is the list of Top 10 IT Companies in India with Best Salary Scale. Information Technology Company is a Company which performs many applications on computer to store, study, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data or information in order to achieve business objectives. The main activities of IT Companies are business analysis, business intelligence, communication technology, consulting, data analytics, data/information management, networks, outsourcing services, system integration, etc. IT Industries have highest demand and offers good salary to its employees.

1 Google INC

Google India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Google INC American Multinational Company which operates as an online search engine. It serves as the platform for social networking, video engagement, mailing & blogging. It also providing spaces for marketing & selling advertisements and rendering information technology (IT) and information technology services. The company was found in 2003, which is located in Bangalore.

A Software Engineer get Rs 14,55,650 per year, a Senior Software Engineer get Rs 23,91,586, an AdWord Account Strategist get Rs 8,42,080 per year,an Account Manager get Rs 14,85,712 per year, a Manger get Rs 16,53,139 per year,a Sales Manager get Rs 16,95,063 per year and so on. It pays 38% higher salary. Some of the high paying jobs in Google are – Account Manager, Business Analysts, software engineer, network engineer, product manager and research scientist.

2  Microsoft Private Limited

Microsoft Private Limited  is a subsidiary of American software company Microsoft Corporation headquartered in Hyderabad, India. It is one of the World’s largest software maker in terms of revenue. It is the world’s most valuable company.

A Software Development Engineer get Rs 12,58,820 per year, an Associate Consultant get Rs 9,99,046 per year, a Software Development Engineer in Test get  Rs 15,08,569 per year, a Consultant get Rs 16,21,850 per year, a Program Manager get Rs 18,47,916 per year, a Senior Program Manager get Rs 34,80,339 per year and so on.

3 IBM India


IBM India Private Limited is an Indian Subsidiary of IBM. It is a computer hardware consulting IT Service Industry. IBM including the industries of financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others.

The salary package of an Associate System Engineer is Rs 3,70,494 per year, an Application Developer get Rs 5,40,515 per year,a software engineer get Rs 7,46,764 per year, a System Engineer get Rs 5,34,883 per year, a Project Manager get Rs 14,94,237 per year, a Senior Consultant get Rs 12,81,665 per year, a Consultant get Rs 10,08,861 per year and so on. It also offers cash bonus, profit sharing incentives for higher performance.

4 Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company which is located in Bangalore,India. Intel offers a wide range of pay, stock and benefit programs. A Software Engineer in Intel Corporation get Rs 11,52,962 per year, a Graphic Software Engineer get Rs 12,89,528 per year, an Application Developer get Rs 9,64,628 per year, a System Engineer get Rs 9,63,264 per year, an Engineer manager get Rs 36,74,295 per year, a Senior Component Designer Engineer get Rs 22,33,002 per year. They also provide sharing incentives to all employees.

5 Adobe Systems India Private Limited

Adobe Systems India Private Limited is engaged in dealing of computer software. Adobe is changing world through digital experiences. This IT Company is headquartered in Bangalore. The average salary of a Computer Scientist is Rs 18,77,174 per year, a Software Engineer get Rs 8,44,504 per year, a Senior Software Engineer get Rs 12,75,413 per year, a Technical Consultant get Rs 9,52,240 per year, a Web Designer get Rs 11,70,783 per year, a Software Quality Engineer get Rs 10,54,121 per year, a Consultant get Rs 8,38,080 per year, a Computer Scientist get Rs 27,12,034 per year. They also get profit sharing of the company.

6 CISCO Systems

CISCO Systems is a world wide leader in IT and networking, which is the subsidiary of American International company CISCO INC. They develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunication equipment and other high technology services and products. The salary scale of CISCO System employees are as follows. A Software Engineer get Rs 10,82,842 per year,  a Senior Software Engineer get Rs 13,11,029 per year, a Network Consulting Engineer get Rs 10,06,014 per year, IT Engineer get Rs 9,35,418 per year, an Engineering Manager get Rs 28,36,841 per year, a Program Manager get Rs 22,44,256 per year.

7 Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is an Indian multinational Information Technology services, consulting and business solution company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of TATA Group. The salary scales of a  System Engineer is Rs 4,92,122 per year, an IT Analyst get Rs 7,80,280 per year, an Assistant System Engineer get Rs 4,69,960 per year, a Software Engineer get Rs 5,01,412, an Assistant Consultant get Rs 12,00,366 per year, a Business Analyst get Rs 7,21,228 per year, an Associate Consultant get Rs 15,50,513 per year, an Assistant System Engineer Trainee get Rs 3,74,078 per year.

8 Infosys

Infosys Technologies Limited is an Indian Multinational Corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services, which is headquartered in Bangalore. It provides software development and maintenance in companies for banking,  finance, insurance, manufacturing and other domains. The salary scale of a System Engineer is Rs 4,28,294 per year, a Senior System Engineer get Rs 4,82,758 per year, a Technology Assistant get Rs 6,71,219 per year, a Software Engineer get Rs 5,13,978 per year, a Senior Software Engineer get Rs 5,56,172 per year, a Technology Lead get Rs 9,65,910 per year, a Project Manager get Rs 15,99,950 per year, an Associate Consultant get Rs 8,39,478 per year. They also get the profit sharing incentives.

9 Cognizant

Cognizant Technology Solution is a a world-leading professional services company, transforming business, operating and IT models for the digital era. It is the subsidiary of American multinational corporation Cognizant. The salary scale of a Program Analyst is Rs 4,04,625 per year, an Associate Projects get Rs 6,63,837 per year, an Associate get Rs 6,89,729 per year, a Program Analyst get Rs 4,17,875 per year, a Program Analyst Trainee get Rs 3,39,998 per year, a Consultant get Rs 11,66,004 per year, a Business Analyst get Rs 8,39,981 per year, a Software Engineer get Rs 4,93,341 per year, a Technical Lead get Rs 7,37,983 per year and so on.

10 Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is an advanced technologies that give organizations the power to connect, solve problems, and capture opportunities. It is a subsidiary of American Multinational Corporation Juniper Networks. The salary scale of a Staff Engineer is Rs 27,68,994 per year, a Software Engineer get Rs 13,60,766 per year, a Software Engineer Staff get Rs 29,14,894 per year, a Senior Software Engineer get Rs 20,62,412 per year, a Test Engineer get Rs 14,85,088 per year, a Senior Staff Software Engineer get Rs 36,36,159 per year and so on.


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