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Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in India – Price and Photos


Here is the details of Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in India. Indian painting depicts the distinct cultural and traditional identities of the nation. The tradition of painting has been carried in the Indian subcontinent since the ancient times. There exists different kind of Indian paintings like Eastern India painting, Mughal painting, Rajput painting, etc.

Those paintings are valuable as well as precious. Most of the works done by Indian artists are now available for auction fetching million dollar cheques for their acclaimed artworks. This post contains informations about 10 of the most expensive paintings of Indian artists.

1. Untitled by Vasudeo S Gaitonde (1995)

Untitled by VS.Gaitonde

Sold for Rs 29.3 crore ($4.4 million)

This untitled oil on canvas painting by Vasudeo S Gaitonde, is the most expensive Indian artwork to be sold since 1965 according to a list by Artery India. Vasudeo S Gaitonde was regarded as one of India’s foremost abstract painters. It was purchased by an anonymous ‘international collector’ at Christie’s auction in Mumbai by braking the previous record of Rs 26.9 crore ($4.01 million) paid for a Francis Newton Souza work at a sale in New York.

2. Untitled by Vasudeo S Gaitonde (1996)

Untitled by Vasudeo S Gaitonde (1996)

Sold for Rs 26.03 crore ($ 4.09 million)

Another expensive untitled artwork created by Indian painter Vasudeo S Gaitonde in 1996. The canvas is painted in Gaitonde’s signature design of personalized hieroglyphics and calligraphic inventions, which can be traced to his lifelong interest in Zen Buddhism and ancient calligraphy. This 55 x 40 inch oil on canvas painting was acquired directly from the artist in 1997 by Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata.

3. Birth by Francis Newton Souza

Birth by Francis Newton Souza

Sold for Rs 26.9 crore ($4.08 million)

Birth is the most expensive work of Francis Newton Souza, the Goan-born artist painted in 1955. He is one of the most prominent yet often forgotten Indian painters with themes like still life, landscapes, nudes, icons of Christianity, etc. This 8ft x 4ft oil on board painting was bought by Delhi-based prominent art collector Kiran Nadarat at Christie’s auction in New York in 2015. Birth depicts a distressed woman’s body getting ready for childbirth, in artists signature bold, distorted lines.

4. Untitled by Vasudeo S Gaitonde (1979)

Untitled by Vasudeo S Gaitonde(1979)

Sold for Rs 23.70 Crore ($ 3.7 million)

One of the earliest works of Gaitonde’s which was done on 1979 and is bearing his signature in Hindi. This jewel-toned painting is bought by a US based client at Christie’s International Plc in Mumbai. It is a delicately magnificent painting with sublime shades of yellow and oranges. The intricate patterns pave way for the viewer to weave multiple interpretations of its lines and curves.

5. Untitled (Woman on Rickshaw) by Tyeb Mehta

Untitled (Woman on Rickshaw) by Tyeb Mehta

Sold for Rs. 22.9 Crore ($ 3.6 million)

It is a oil on canvas painting that was painted by Tyeb Mehta in 1994. On 25 May, his Untitled (Woman on Rickshaw) sold at Christie’s annual South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art sale in London.  In this work, Mehta transforms the traditional hand-pulled rickshaw from a simple means of transport into a sign of bondage.

6. Saurashtra by Syed Haider Raza

Saurashtra by Syed Haider Raza

Sold for Rs.22.19 Crore ($ 3.48 million)

Saurashtra is one of the famous works of the Indian artist Syed Haider Raza’s in 1983. His themes were drawn from the childhood memories spent in the forests of his native village of Babaria, in Madhya Pradesh. This painting broke the record for the most expensive artwork sold at an auction until 2010, featured geometric shapes and loose brushstrokes in vivid colors in its four quadrants without the suggestion of actual objects.

7. Mahishasura by Tyeb Mehta

Mahishasura by Tyeb Mehta

Sold for Rs. 20.14 Crore ($ 3.16 million)

Mahishasura is the most important work by India’s finest contemporary artist, Tyeb Mehta. The 1994 Mahishasura painting recounts a Hindu legend where a demon-king produces a son through his union with a she-buffalo. This a acrylic on canvas, pictured center painting is an after effect of inspiration caused during the visit to Shantiniketan. This was the first Indian painting to cross the million dollar mark, selling for a whopping $1.584 million at Christie’s in 2005. It was bought by a private Indian Museum in 2010 at the famous Christie’s in London.

8. Radha in the Moonlight by Raja Ravi Varma

Radha in the Moonlight by Raja Ravi Varma

Sold for Rs. 20 Crore ($ 3.14 million)

Radha in the Moonlight is the most famous artwork of Raja Ravi Varma, Painted in 1890, it was first owned by Shungrasoobyer Avergal, the former Dewan of Travancore, and later by his descendants. It is a beautiful portrait depicting Radha as she waits for Lord Krishna by the riverside. This particular Radha is conceivably one of the most beautiful of Ravi Varma’s uttama nayikas, the high minded women of many virtues and qualities that are intrinsic to goddesses and women in classical Indian literature. The painting has been auctioned in 2016 according to Pundole’s.

9. La Terre by Syed Haider Raza

La Terre by Syed Haider Raza

Sold for Rs. 19.75 Crore ($ 3.10 million)

La Terre, or the Earth is another painting of the most prominent and groundbreaking Indian painter Sayed Haider Raza, painted in 1973. In La Terre, Raza is supposedly depicting one of his childhood dreams. This acrylic on canvas painting sold for $2.54 million in 2008 and appreciated by more than half-a-million dollars when it was auctioned again by Christie’s, New York, in 2014.

Untitled (Self-portrait) by Amrita Sher-Gil (1933)

Untitled (Self-portrait) by Amrita Sher

Sold for Rs. 18.2 Crore ($ 2.92 million)

Painted by, one of the India’s most important early modernist painter Amrita Sher-Gil in 1933. It was given by the artist to her cousin-niece and husband during Sher-Gil’s visit to Europe circa 1933. The painting was in the family’s possession and was acquired from them by the current owner during the auction in 2015 at New York. This oil on canvas painting is signed and dated ‘RITA / 1933’ in the lower left.


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