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Top 20 Best LED TV’s Brands and Models in India Under Rs. 85000/-


It’s being a long that TV has entered into the Indian market. Today it became a basic need for everyone. There are different types of TV’s are available in the market, LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs, and plasma TVs. LED TV is a type of LCD television which uses light emitting diode back-lighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) back-lighting present in the LCD TV. An LED is more energy efficient and have thinner television screen.  Three local dimming backlight techniques used for LED TVs are,

  • Direct lit LED: – LEDs are placed in a flat array behind the light guide plate and the LCD screen, which the light is directly emitted to. This method allows for fast locally dimming LEDs for specific areas of brightness on the screen to greatly enhance dynamic contrast.
  • Edge-lit LED: – LEDs are placed around the four sides of the LCD, and the light is emitted through between the LCD panel and the reflector sheet, by which the light is reflected to the back of the LCD panel. Edge-lit TVs are really thin.
  • Full array LED: – LEDs are placed behind the entire surface of the screen; this produces a more uniform backlight and provides a more effective use of local diming. It provides better details in shadows and more contrast than other.


Things to Consider Before Buying a LED TV

Display Size

TV’s inch size measures in the diagonal width of its screen, not to its horizontal or vertical width. Choosing a right sized TV will depend on how far away you’re viewing it. SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) recommends a minimum viewing angle of 30 degrees.

Screen Diagonal (16:9 size in inches)
SMPTE recommended distance for HDTV( feet)
26” 3.5’
32” 4.4’
40” 5.4’
46” 6.3’
52” 7.1’
55” 7.5’
60” 8.2’
65” 8.8’
84” 11.4’
92” 12.5’
108” 14.7’

According to THX, to find out the viewing distance, divide the diagonal width in inches of a screen by 0.84, and convert this result in inches to feet. So, if you are buying a 65-inch TV you should sit around 6.5 feet from it.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the number of pixels that are used to comprise an image. There are different types of TVs available in the market such as HD-Ready TVs, Full HD TVs and HD-Ready 1080.  HD ready screens come with 1280×720 pixels. Furthermore, you get 1920×1080 pixels on a full-HD (1080p) TV. Although 720p can be used for all HD movies, televisions, and video games, but most the video and image formats are designed for 1080p resolution, which has quickly become the standard, and image clarity will necessarily be reduced. Full-HD (1080p) TV’s are expensive than HD ready TV’s. So, for the better performance with all media, choose a 1080p LED TV.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest image a TV can create and the darkest. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. So always choose a TV with highest contrast ratio.  If a TV can output 45 foot-Lambert with a white screen and 0.010 ft-L with a black screen, it’s said to have a contrast ratio of 4,500:1. LED models with full array and local dimming options have the strongest contrast ratios of all LED TVs.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. HDTVs come in a rectangular shape referred to as a 16:9 or 1.78 to 1 aspect ratio. TVs with a 16:9 screen aspect ratio are more suited to the increasing amount of 16:9 widescreen programming available on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and HDTV broadcasts.

Refresh Rate

The Refresh rate refers to how often a TV changes the image on screen. TV’s with 60 Hz, 120 Hz, and 240 Hz refresh rates are the best. 120-Hz refresh rate refers to video with 120 different images per second. It improves the picture quality of the screen. Higher refresh rates create a smoother flow between images and reduce motion blur, but low refresh rate will result in blurred images.

Connectivity Options

If you are going to buy a TV then choose a TV with at least two HDMI ports and one USB ports. Also check for Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports so that you can connect them to the internet. If you’re buying the TV offline check whether these ports are facing the wall or not. If it is facing the wall then this arrangement makes it hard to reach the ports once you mount the TV on your wall.

Curved or Flat TV

Most common type of TV’s available in the market is flat TV. They use one of several different technologies for display in a flat, thin format.  Curved screens provide a more immersive viewing experience and a wider field of view. But the curve limits viewing angle of TV and curve screen need to be big. Also curved TV’s are expensive. If you like the aesthetics of a curved TV and don’t mind paying for the look, then go ahead with purchasing the models.


Check whether the company is giving a better warranty period. LED panels are expensive. So, buy a TV with higher warranty period. If you can extend the warranty period by paying extra money then go for it.

Best LED TV’s Brands and Models

Display Size
Price (in Rs.)
Onida 43 FIS 109.22cm (43 inch) Full HD 1 Year Standard Warranty 29,999/-
Samsung 32J4003 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Standard and 1 Year Panel Warranty 17,999/-
Samsung 24K4100 59cm (24 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Standard and 1 Year Panel Warranty 11,499/-


Panasonic TH-W32E24DX 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Warranty 16,999/-
Sanyo NXT  XT-43S7200F 108.2cm (43 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 25,999/-
LG 22LH454A-PT 55cm (22 inch) Full HD 1 Year Domestic Warranty 10,499/-
LG 32LJ522D 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Domestic Warranty 18,999/-
Panasonic TH-40E400D 100cm (40 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 28,999/-
LG 32LJ573D 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Domestic Warranty 26,750/-
Sony BRAVIA KLV-24P413D 59.9cm (24 inch) WXGA 1 year Domestic Warranty 14,890/-
LG 43LH576T 108cm (43 inch) Full HD 1 Year Domestic Warranty 37,999/-
Sony Bravia KLV-40W562D 101.6cm (40 inch) Full HD 1 year Domestic Warranty 42,999/-
Samsung Basic Smart 32M5100 80cm (32 inch) Full HD 1 Year Comprehensive & 1 Year Additional on Panel 24,499/-
Sanyo NXT XT-49S7200F 123.2cm (49 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 33,999/-
LG 32LJ523D 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Domestic Warranty 17,999/-
Sony KLV-32R302E 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Brand Warranty 22,999/-
Panasonic TH-43ES480DX 109cm (43 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 39,999/-
Sony KLV-40W672E 101.4cm (40 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 53,490/-
Panasonic TH-43E460D 108cm (43 inch) Full HD 1 Year Warranty 33,999/-
Sanyo NXT XT-32S7201H 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready 1 Year Warranty 13,499/-


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