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Top 5 Best and Affordable Helmets Under Rs. 1000 in India


Top 5 Best and Affordable Helmets Under Rs. 1000 in India

The helmet is a mandatory product for each and every two wheeler rider in India. It can simply protect the riders from head injury due to accidents. In India, each rider should follow helmet wearing rule to protect their health, wealth and to avoid legal punishment. Here we are introducing an article about Top 5 Best and Affordable Helmets Under Rs. 1000 in India. These helmets are best leading number one. All are manufactured by popular companies. Most of them are ISO certified companies. They produce a wide range of helmets like Full Face Helmets, Off-Road Helmets, Open Face Helmets etc. If you are searching for a good helmet under Rs. 1000/-, check out our list.

1. Vega

The Vega is considered as a pioneer brand, which was established in the year 1994. This is the leading and reputed producer of helmets in India. Motorcycle Helmets, ear pads, mirrored shields and snow accessories, Off-Road Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Open Face Helmets etc. are their products. They are offering quality products at reasonable price. Their helmet models are Vega Cruiser, Formula HP Motocraft, Cliff etc. The Vega Crux Motorbike Helmet – M (Black) and Vega Cruiser W/P Motorsports Helmet – M (White) are the two helmet models. The first one is priced at 890/- (approx) and another is available at Rs. 953/- (approx).

2. Studds

The Studds is known as one of the well-recognized exporters and producer of high-quality helmets. Professional Full face, Chrome Elite, Ninja Series and Motocross are the models of helmet. There is a significant global presence in more than 35 countries. Their product range includes Full Face Helmets, Motorcycle Luggage, Open Face Helmets, Sporting Helmets and Industrial Helmets. The best selling helmet models are Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet (Black, L) and Studds Chrome Elite Motorsports Helmet – L (Black). This first product is priced at Rs. 995/ -(approx) and another is available at Rs. 920/- (approx).

3. Steelbird

The Steelbird is regarded as one of the oldest manufacturers of Helmets, which was set up in the year 1964. The SBHT is known as a flagship company of Steelbird Group of Industries. The brand known for its standard as well as world class quality. The Steelbird Zon Classic Motorbike Helmet – L (Black) and Steelbird Adonis Dashing Motorbike Helmet – L (Black, Blue) are the two helmet models from this brand. One is priced at Rs. 820/- (approx) and the second one is available at Rs. 860/- (approx).

4. Wrangler

The Wrangler is a famous brand, which has gained a prominent status in the competitive two-wheeler market in India. They manufacture a wide range of helmets. Full face helmets, motorcycle helmets, designer helmets, safety helmets etc. are the products of this brand. They are regarded as one of the reputed producers, suppliers, traders and exporters of Helmets. Wrangler Open Face Helmet with Aerodynamic Cap and Visor (Blue, L) and Wrangler WRR_005 Endeavor with Visor Open Face Helmet (Black, L) are the two ISO approved helmets produced by this brand. The first model is available at Rs. 711/- (approx) and the second one is available at Rs. 712/- (approx).

5. Aerostar

The Aerostar is a well- known ISO and ISI certified company, which produced a number of helmets. This brand was incorporated in the year 1995. It has a factory, which is situated near Delhi Airport in 6 acre plot. Full Face Helmets, Helmet Locking Devices, Open Face Helmets and Motorcycle Side Boxes etc. are their products. Aerostar – Helmets – Compac and Aerostar – Helmets – Compac Decal are two best models of this company. The first one is priced at Rs. 818.80/- (approx) and the second one is available at Rs. 868.15/- (approx).


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