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Top 5 Best Remote Desktop Tools


Top 5 Best Remote Desktop Tools

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Remote Desktop Tools. A Remote Desktop refers to a software or an operating system that allows a personal computer’s desktop environment to be run remotely on one system. Remote Desktop Tools is a desktop applications that gives power to users and administrators the ability to access and control a computer remotely from any other computer. Choose the Best Remote Desktop Tools from the list. 

1 Team-viewer (Windows/Mac)

Team-viewer offers both free and paid account for users. It is free for all non-commercial users. Team Viewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The main features of this remote desktop tool as follows

  • It save time & money
  • It focus on your work
  • Feel safe & secure
  • Simple & secure remote support

2 TightVNC (Windows/Linux)

TightVNC is an open-source remote desktop application. It is free for both personal and commercial usage. It is a free tool organizations can use to solve remote connectivity needs. Tight Virtual Network Computing enhancements are include improved cursor handling, optimization of slower internet connection,  tightened security through the use of two passwords.

3 LogMeIn (Windows/Mac)

LogMeln is one of the popular desktop solution aimed at consumers offering a quick set up to remotely control your computer from any web browser. There are two types of LogMeln flavors, they are LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Free.  LogMeIn Pro including drag-and-drop file transfer, file sync and meeting tools. Many users are still happy with  LogMeIn Free.

4 Splashtop

Splashtop supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. This is free for personal use. It is one of the best tool that allows you to stream audio and video across computers. The only negative side of Splashtop free is that it starts to get pricey when you really need remote access. 

5. AMMYY Adminn

AMMYY Adminn is a free remote desktop solution. This comes as a tiny application, under 1MB. You can do file transfers and live chat. Key Features are Easy to setup, System administrations, Remote office and presentations, Built-in voice and Text chat, etc. The tool is pretty nifty and very low data consuming one. 


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