Home Technology Zoho Launched All-in-One App ” Zoho One “

Zoho Launched All-in-One App ” Zoho One “


Zoho Launched All-in-One App ” Zoho One “

Zoho Corporation is a Chennai based company in India, it has other branches in outside India. It is an Information Technology and business management software a a service developer. Zoho Corporation is found by Sridhar Vembu. Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd is a service provider of software development. Their most popular products are Manageengine Assetexplorer Software, Manageengine OsdeployerSoftware,  Manageengine Desktopcentral Software, Active Directory Auditing Software, etc.

Zoho just launched a software suite called ” Zoho One “. It is an operating system for business. It is the single operating system for entire business. It includes so many apps from the Zoho applications, including mobile apps. By using this app company will have all the applications it need to acquire and serve its customers.

Cost for the app is Rs 1000 per an employee per month. If an Organisation sign up with Zoho Corporation, then all the other employees can use this Zoho One app, not only one app but also all apps in Zoho One which can be used without any extra charges.

Zoho One offers almost 38 apps, all the apps are under one suite. It is a beautiful software to solve business problems. These applications can be connected via a hundreds of integration points across sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and human resources. It is easily accessible to every business. Zoho One includes enterprise edition of all Zoho business applications.

Zoho also offers an administrative control panel for centralized administration. It helps to run a company’s operation in finance, recruiting and related HR apps. It provide all tools to its employees to work collaboratively. An employee can even build custom apps for unique business needs and put them under the same umbrella. That means Zoho One is a single operating system for the entire business. Zoho One is provided only for clients those who sign up for these app for their entire business.


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